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“We are very impressed with Symbiant. Its simplicity and ease of use aligned with its flexibility and extensive reporting capabilities make it a very useful tool”

Keith Mason – Internal Audit – The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales

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“Symbiant have made life much easier for us, the workflow-based software is a massive leap away from spreadsheet-based action tracking and really helps drive action ownership and completion”

Rob Thornborough – Senior Operational Risk Manager – Arrow Global Ltd

Plan Audit Plan

Prepare the Audit, The Team, when and where, Scope, Objectives and what questions need to be asked. The system will then notify the audit members and who is being audited and add it to planners. You can also set the system to send reminder emails closer to the audit date.

Perform Audit Perform

Assign dynamic conditional questions to team members who can work off-line to carry out the audit. Auditors can attachment supporting documents, scans or images. The lead auditor can see all responses and progress in real time.

Audit Action Tracking Assign

When the audit is complete you can send issues that require remedial actions directly to the audit action tracker. Here you give ownership of the actions and set an action by date. Assignees can then keep you updated with progress allowing you to track to completion.

Audit Reporting Report

Produce professional audit reports or details on actions with just a click of the mouse, including current state of actions, performance and statistics,In fact everything for the audit committee.

Audit Planning

Plan and Notify

Planning the audit is simple, who and when then select or create the questions the questions and types of responses from a simple yes / no to multiple response with further questions. Select who will be doing the audit and who will be asking what. Automated emails then notify and remind all concerned.

Dynamic Audit Questionnaires

Gather the Information

Dynamic conditional questions allow you to create a questionnaire that will unfold based on the auditor’s responses. If a particular answer is given further questions can appear to get clarity or notices to warn the auditor of potential issues.

Track Audit Actions to Completion

This is where most audit systems fail, what is the point of an audit if nothing is ever done to rectify the issues. With Symbiant's clean uncluttered interface you give ownership of action directly to the assignees and they keep you updated with progress. Automated notice and reminder emails ensure assignees are aware of what needs to be done and action becoming due.

No more excuses, give ownership directly to the assignees.

Automated email keep people notified

Simple to use wizards let you tailor your own email notifications and at what intervals or triggers they will be sent.
Advanced features allow you to exclude types, divisions or users or send different emails based on matching criteria.

Reminders and Notifications ensure things get done.

Audit Dashboard

Drillable Dashboards

Configurable dashboards give you instant pictorial reporting on the information you need. You can click on the graphs to drill down.

You can also set a dashboard to appear when a user goes to a module so they are instantly aware of issues or how well they are performing.

Audit Action Tracker Reports

Reports to impress

Produce professional audit reports or details on actions with just a click of the mouse, including current state of actions, performance and statistics,In fact everything for the audit committee.

Saves time and money

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Free trial. 30 Day contracts. Cancel or upgrade anytime.

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Audit Planning, Audit Questionnaires, Action Tracking, Time Sheets, Working Papers

Example: 15 users with Audit Planning, Audit Questionnaires, Action Tracking, Time Sheets, Working Papers
for only £300 per month.

£ 300 /month
For 15 users
15 user seats
Flexible Payments
pay monthly or annually using card or BACs
No Hassle SaaS
Fully managed secure hosting on a VMware Enterprise cloud. Includes secure off site daily backups
UK Hosted
UK only data centers
Free Stuff
No hidden charges, no set up charges and no training fees, all you pay is the monthly fee.
£ 900 /month
For 1000 users
1000 user seats
Flexible Payments
pay monthly or annually using card or BACs
No Hassle SaaS
Fully managed secure hosting on a VMware Enterprise cloud. Includes secure off site daily backups
UK Hosted
UK only data centers
Free Stuff
No hidden charges, no set up charges and no training fees, all you pay is the monthly fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a seat, how does the licensing work?

A seat is an active place on the license, a user who is active can login. We charge based on the number of active users on a module we do not restrict the number of concurrent logins, all active users can login at the same time. Users can be made active or inactive as required.

How secure is our data?

Our servers are maintained and managed 24/7 in a fully secure UK based ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data center. There are 192 cores with over 1TB of physical memory. Client data is encrypted and backed up off site so in the very unlikely event of a total loss disaster we can restore client sites within a few hours.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, which effectively means we provide our software ready for you to use. It is installed on our Cloud (group of servers) where we manage it for you. Which means all the IT issues are taken care of by us. You access the software using a web browser over the internet. It is basically the same as accessing your online email accounts or social networking site.

Can we cancel or upgrade at anytime?

Yes you can cancel at anytime. When you cancel no further payments will be taken and your service will stop after the 30 day notice period. You can also add users or further modules as and when required.

Can we host the software on our own servers?

Yes you can install and host our software on your own servers. It will run on both Windows and Unix platforms and will work with many databases including SQLserver, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. If you choose this option you will need to buy an annual license.

Need More Information?

If you need to read more information about our SaaS service including about the data center and security

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Audit management software is a software designed primarily to facilitate organizations in their efforts to perform and maintain audits. This can include the audit planning, questionnaires and action tracking. A good solution will automate many of the repetitive tasks such as contacting the users and provide adequate reporting so the audit function can be measured, such as performance and outstanding items. Auditing Standards and Audit Management Requirements Audit Management Software. Audit Management Software is a software designed by experts who combined knowledge of accounting & auditing with that of information system. Many audit software, otherwise known as software audit tools are very sophisticated and are designed to take care of every aspect of audit management. Audit, been a statutory requirement of an organization, can be defined as: Examination and verification of the books, records and assets of an organization, in order to express an opinion. The auditors opinion will be on: (1.) Whether the books and records were properly and correctly kept or not. (2.) Whether the revenue account, profit and loss account, reveal the correct trading result of an organization or not. (3.) Whether the balance sheet shows the correct position of assets and liabilities as at a certain date or not. Audit management is the responsibility of audit managers and their audit teammate in an audit firm for external audit and the responsibility of audit personnel in an internal audit situation. A good Audit management software or auditing software as the case may be, should have components like: inventory management or inventory software, payroll management, asset management etc. These various components are then integrated and made to work together for system auditing and to produce needed result. We shall look into whether the use of audit software is mandatory or compulsory and should be used by audit firms. The only statutory requirement in most countries of the word is audit. An organization like limited Liability Companies and Corporations must be audited every year upon presentation of its accounts to the auditors by the directors of such organization. The auditor is expected to present audit report, otherwise known as management letter to the directors and the directors must present the report to shareholders in an annual general meeting. The auditor must also file annual returns for taxation purposes. The auditor is not statutorily required to use audit software in other to do his work. The use of audit software is a recent phenomenon. Many auditing firms are still using manual method to do their work. However, there are numerous advantages of using audit management software which has made its use worthwhile for audit firms. The advantages of using audit management software cannot be over emphasized. Audit firms that wants to comply with industrys best practices and can afford the cost of audit management software, with associated cost of training its members of staff, normally make use of audit management software. Audit management software reduces manpower cost as an audit assignment that can take two weeks to accomplish can be completed within four days for example. It makes audit report writing process easy for auditors. It is a good innovation about the way audit work is conducted and an audit firm that uses audit management software is considered to be better and more sophisticated than others who does not automate their audit procedure. Let us now look at some audit management software as a guide for prospective users: (1.) TrackWise: This software is popular because of its ability to handle any type of audit, internal audit, external audit and third party audit. (2.) Audit Management Software Systems: This another audit management software that can be used to audit organizations like life science and regulated companies, where regular audit is necessary in order to comply with safety and quality requirement. (3.) Policy and Procedure Management: This software was designed by a company called ComplianceBridge. The software is simple and easy to use and it is very good in the area of monitoring, auditing policy compliance and reporting. (4.) ACL Analitics Exchange: This is a software owned by ACL Services. It was designed for centralized projects and control monitoring. Other audit management software are: AuditPro, AUDITworks and Compliance manager, to mention but a few. The use of audit management software requires training and re-training of members of staff of audit firm. The training are expected to be provided most of the time, by the company that designed each software and in some cases by consultants. 1. ISO 27001 for information security in financial organisations 2. SYSC system and controls handbook of FCA for investment managers 3. Central Bank of Ireland – same as FCA 4. Luxembourg CSSF - same as FCA 5. AIFMD (alternative investment fund management directive) - regulation of managers of alternative funds 6. UCITs directive (undertaking of collective investments in transferable securities) - regulation of mutual funds 7. Operational Due Diligence questionnaires per market participant – fund manager, custodian, administrator, broker 8. ILPA DDQ – for investments in private equity. Information gathering not CRSA 9. Managed futures association DDQ for commodity trading advisors. Information gathering not CRSA 10. EVCA – venture capital association DDQ. Information gathering not CRSA 11. INREV – guidelines for real estate investment managers. Information gathering not CRSA 12. HFSB – hedge funds standards board best practice questionnaire. 13. AIMA – alternative investment managers association - DDQ for fund/ investment advisor. Information gathering not CRSA



Symbiant Tracker is a recommendations and issues tracking database solution. It sits on a corporate intranet or the internet with our SaaS offering, and is managed by the Internal Audit department. The key feature of this tool is that, unlike many recommendations tracking tools, it is designed to be accessed and updated by the auditees, who have been assigned the recommendation in the process of agreeing the internal audit report.

Being intranet or internet based, auditees can easily be given access to the recommendations relating to them. At any point in time, the database therefore holds the latest update on the implementation of each recommendation.



Internal Audit departments main product is an audit report, or rather a series of audit reports, one for each internal audit they perform within a business each year. These reports contain recommendations relating to the weaknesses that they have found in the part of the business they were auditing.When these recommendations are implemented, the weaknesses should be resolved and any risks managed. If the recommendations are implemented it gives assurance to a company’s management that weaknesses in the operation have been addressed. If recommendations are not implemented then the internal audit effort has been a waste of time. Internal Audit usually (or should) report to the Audit Committee (sub-committee of the Board, chaired by a non-executive director) once or twice a year on how far and how well recommendations have been implemented and they usually do this by running around in the days before the Committee meeting trying to find out what has been happening. The new combined code on corporate governance (Turnbull) requires audit committees to assess the effectiveness of internal audit departments on a regular basis and one of the key things in this evaluation will be how many recommendations made have actually been implemented. Tracker gives a unique approach which is:-


It should also be noted that companies that have to comply with the US requirement known as Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, Turnbull and the European 8th Directive will also find Symbiant Tracker useful to track remediation issues. Why not try a risk free trial for yourself and see how Tracker can benefit you and your company.


The Symbiant Tracker is a dedicated action tracking solution specifically designed for Audits. Web Based and provided as a fully managed SaaS solution it is ready to use instantly on our secure cloud environment. If you prefer you can host it yourself on your own intranet.

With per user changes from £1 Symbiant Tracker is the most cost effective audit action tracking solution in the world. Try it free


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Symbiant Tracker is a unique, simple to use yet very powerful Internal Audit action tracking solution.  In simple terms Tracker allows you to give ownership of actions and track through to completion. Automated email notify and remind users of tasks and events. What is more, when you have to report to the Audit Committee, you can produce up-to-date reports in moments.


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